Hello! Its been a long time, but I’ve moved to a new blog domain as I wanted to start fresh, I haven’t been baking new things since the last time so I needed a breather.
Anyway, here is my new blog >

Feel free to follow, its gonna be a more all rounder blog instead of just baking! Hope to see you all 🙂


Bernie makes Spicy Tea Eggs

Well in short, I’ve just graduated after a 5 long year stint of University studying, recently moved house (having a new kitchen with electric stoves!) and am now in the process of looking for a job! D: Busy busy year!!!

So just to kick things off for this year, first post by the way, here is a tea egg.

Tea Eggs 4

Ok… so that was for last nights dinner but I made another batch today.

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Bernie makes Chocolate Crinkles

Finally! I’ve officially finished the last of my university assignments forever, though my graduation won’t take place till March 2010!! But I’m excited about looking forward to my working life, and the best part is not worrying about studying for exams (but I’ve been mulling over my last ever exams coming in the next two week!! /gasp)!

Edit: I’ve decided to revert back to my old name as it was tedious to let my friends know that I’ve changed my blog. Apologies to EVERYONE who have been changing their bookmarks and links (seriously ;A;)!!!!

Crinkle 001

Anyway to celebrate all of that, I made Chocolate Crinkles.

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Bernie 2009’s Short Summer Vacation Part 2

REALLY LONG OVERDUE! And its getting hot here in Melbourne!! D8 34 today?! /melts

Finally! My university course is finally over after a very hectic semester two (still have exams though!!)! Doing the final year project among other subjects (yes, I’m looking at you Residential development! D<) has really made me face my laptop/lab computers screens most of my time. Even though it has been 2 weeks since my last class (EVER!), due to assignment extensions which I’m really grateful for, I’m ashamed that I haven’t been able to update this poor blog for the past 3! months.

Anyway, planing to bake a few things like Chocolate Crinkles, a self saucing chocolate pudding among other things. =) May also re-bake some of my older stuff and retake photos, which always make a good post anyway.

So here’s a long over over due post which was supposed to be posted in July but never got around doing it till now….

The Singapore Flyer

Would really love to go up there one day!

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Bernie 2009’s Short Summer Vacation Part 1!

Hello all! If anyone was wondering, after my last exam, I flew back to Singapore for a short break and as such have not been able to bake for the majority of July, I took lots of food photos though! The only thing was that I had really limited internet access (which came in a form of a thumb drive modem), so I didn’t have a chance to post my photos until now! =/

This post is also a photo backlog of all the food I’ve tried while I was back in Singapore from Dec to Feb this year. Is it a food journey? I don’t think so, but I definitely had eating sprees. This is not a detailed food review/tasting blog so don’t expect much except food pr0n, but I’ll try to provide addresses if anyone wants to know where these places are.


Liang Seah Street in the evening and on to the stuff from December 2008!!!

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Bernie makes The Wildwood Brownies!

Made these brownies over the weekend, they are not wild, and they are definitely not made in the woods! Frankly, I don’t even know why they were named that, but I baked them after my last assignment on Monday and then got lazy to type a post on it till now. Heck, its exam period now and I’m writing/editing this post! =/

Wildwood Brownie 3

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Bernie makes Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake!

Semester 1 of my Final Year has been hectic, so many MANY assignments to do and with only 3 weeks left to the end of semester! I don’t even know why there is a proportional increase to the year you are studying and the amount of assignments you have to do? Dang University and their excessive need for assignments!

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake 01

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