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Bernie makes Shortbread!

Shortbread FTW! Crumbly buttery shortbread… I like~

Edit: My mom called this morning and my dad shouted through the phone that he loved it! SUCCESS XD

Shortbread 1

Walker’s Shortbread and Arnotts’ Glengarry Shortbread where the brands my family got our usual stash of shortbread from when I was younger. Soft and buttery, my dad used to tell me to try my hand at making them. Which I did, but they turned out so crunchy and hard that I didn’t try making them again (And the recipe chucked into some dusty old corner). Not until a few days ago, while browsing through Tastespotting, stumbled upon (as the summary read) “The only shortbread recipe you’ll ever need …” and from there found my way to Geggie’s Grampa’s Shortbread.

Shortbread 2

So the secret is not in the rice flour, but in the cornflour! And I use it often in my cooking, thickening stuff for my otherwise watery combination of random stir-fry sauces for chicken. I was quite excited with the finding, so with ingredients in hand, I decided to make them and let my mom bring some home for my dad.

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Bernie makes pâté à choux!

Choux 3

Finally! After much intense studying in the month of January and February (and doing an exam on Wed), I’ve managed to type out my first entry on this new blog! Although I’m not that good with words, I hope that my posts are somewhat understandable and not too boring for the unsuspecting netizen who happens to stumble upon this humble blog.

Choux 1

Well just to start things off, I made pâté à choux for a Valentine’s Day House Warming party for a friend of mine, small golden nuggets filled with Chantilly cream, served with a honey chocolate sauce. Basically, it was a hit at the party, though people pointed at me whenever they asked who made the puffs, which kinda made me feel weird -haha-.

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