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Bernie makes Matcha Cookies!

If anyone really worshipped matcha, it wouldn’t be me, though I do love using it when making matcha cupcakes. I would also like having freshly made shortbread with equally freshly brewed green tea, and although I haven’t done it, the thought of it sounds pleasant.

Matcha Cookies3

Anyway, I happened to come across a post in bakebakebake on Livejournal about matcha cookies last year, and so many people raved about it. I replied to that post mentioning about baking some soon, but that ‘soon’ turned into about 5 months later. Finally decided to make them as there was not much matcha left in the pantry to make another round of matcha cupcakes.

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Bernie makes Roast Chicken!

Went a bit crazy after the Friday’s and Saturday’s heat wave (its cold today) that I decided to roast some Chicken Maryland (the cut, not the way its cooked) with some garlic and chilli powder for Sunday’s dinner. Wasn’t planning to post this but the results just looked too good!

Roast Chicken1

Not many photos and no recipe either, this would probably be just food porn~

Roast Chicken2

From left to right: Roasted chicken with garlic and chilli powder, salad and lightly pan fried tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, an egg fried sunny-side up and a bit of rice. Chicken was fiddled with to check for rawness.

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Bernie makes Chocolate Pancakes! (Take One)

I LOVE pancakes, especially just plain fluffy ones. The Pancake Parlour on Bourke Street opposite Myers sells really good pancakes. I prefer their sweet pancakes to the savoury ones, just not used to eating them with scrambled eggs, bacon or potatoes. For chocolate lovers, try the Chocolate Strawberry Jubilee set which has 2 fluffy chocolate pancakes topped with vanilla ice-cream, surrounded by strawberries and chocolate sauce. Heaven =D~

Choc Pancakes 1

I decided to make chocolate pancakes to celebrate re-surviving the first two weeks of University life (lots of reading and problem solving but manageable). The stacks were basically topped with various sweet things like maple syrup and ice-cream. The photo above was my brother’s set, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and maple syrup. I topped my own with sliced banana, a bit of chocolate ice-cream and maple syrup. It was a chocolate overdose but in the heat, it was worth it!

Choc Pancakes 2

I would have preferred to bake but due to the strange heat wave sweeping across the whole country, just turning on the stove made the apartment I live in unbearable. Quite unbelievable that temperatures soared up to 39 degrees Celsius in autumn, even though its just the beginning of the season. The weirdest part was that it was colder in summer than it is now.

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