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Bernie makes Totally Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Nigella's ccc 2

I’ve finally completed my 3000 word essay on Emotional Intelligence last Thursday and decided to make chocolate chip cookies as a reward. I found this recipe watching a youtube video featuring Nigella Lawson making these chocolate chip morsels, stuffed with 500 grams (2 packets) of chocolate chips. Re-watching the video and writing down the recipe, I baked them one night later.

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Bernie at Mr Tulk!

I rarely visit the State Library, but now I have reason to after eating at Mr Tulk. Basically, Augustus Tulk was the first head librarian of the state library and the cafe was named in honour of him. Located in the library, the décor vibrates the bookish feel of a library and customers can sit around on well spaced tables, reading their favourite book and sipping tea.

Tulk 1

Basically, I went there on Saturday to have lunch with my family and this is mainly a picture post on the food and drinks we had.

Tulk 2

Baked eggs with a hit of chilli and chorizo, dipping bits of bread into gooey egg yolk and spicy capsicum sauce. There was spinach on the bottom of the bowl as well, and seeing some green in the sea of read balanced the colours of the dish.

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