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Bernie makes Cheesecake!

What’s creamy, tangy and smooth with a crunchy base? A Cheesecake of course! Made with a lovely cream cheese from the local cheese shop in Victoria Market (Curds and Whey).


I used to make a white chocolate cheesecake which had so much white chocolate that I refused to eat it, much to the delight of my brothers. So I decided to look around for another cheesecake recipe which was not too sweet yet tangy for my taste buds (I don’t like freeze cheesecakes, so that’s out of the question). That was when my mum stumbled upon a Stephanie Alexander recipe for baked cheesecake on one of those weekend magazines that came along with the newspapers a long time ago.

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Not dead but not free yet!

Hello all! I know I’ve disappeared from this blog for the past three weeks, mainly due to being busy with assignments and presentations. =A= I also had my birthday (yes, another May baby) so I was busy for last weekend as well =P. So apologies for that~

I’m almost done with my assignments of the semester (which are all due this coming week as well OTL) and will be back to baking a few things before the exam period.


Look forward to a delightful cheesecake recipe this coming week which I highly recommend making, its easy to make and has not failed once! XD

(Please forgive me for all the emoticon abuse)