Hi everyone! This is the second part of my summer trip, this time over at Seoul, Korea for about 2 – 3 days. It was more of a shopping and eating adventure rather than a sightseeing trip. I overdosed on kimchi and samgyetang but they were none the less delectable and filling, even though it took some time getting used to the taste of some kimchi.


Also here’s a better photo of the Dungenese Crabs cooked rather than the live upside down ones in my previous post. Onwards to Seoul!

Seoul Food 01

Spent the first morning visiting Insadong, and following the recommended eaterys list by Lonely Planet, found this Juk (porridge) Eatery along the small lanes in Insadong.

Seoul Food 02

Tea cups with the shop logo. Cute~

Seoul Food 13

Had an oyster and mushroom porridge, full of plump oysters and shiitake mushrooms. A very filling breakfast. (Not the most fantastic photo though.)

Seoul Food 03

A street stall selling kkultarae (A court cake made out of honey and malt) with various pictures of variety shows and write-ups about them. A very nice guy who smiled for the camera~

Seoul Food 04

Bought a box of kkultarae from the guys above, this was filled with walnuts. A very cold, sweet and chewy Korean confectionery.

Seoul Food 05

Bibimbap with a whole lot of other side dishes! I would say that it gave me my daily dose of vegetables in one meal.

Seoul Food 06

After that meal, we had Yugwa, a korean confectionary made out of grain flour and honey, deep fried until golden. Served with a cup of plum tea. Refreshing.

Seoul Food 07

A samgyetang eatery in the heart of Myeongdong. Found it though a Lonely Planet Guidebook again. Had a lot of photos and write-ups about it as well.

Seoul Food 08

The first round of Samgaetang. Served with a shot of sake, red bean rice, kimchi and a pepper and salt seasoning. And did I mention it was one bowl for each person?

Seoul Food 09

Another samgyetang eatery, this time in the heart of the CBD. Had to do a bit of walking to find it.

Seoul Food 10

The second round of samgyetang, this soup was more viscous and had a stronger ginseng smell than the first round. Still good none the less.

Seoul Food 11

While walking around Myeongdong shopping for clothes and bags. We stumbled upon a street snack stand selling fried minced fish meat wrapped with a shiso leaf. Would have loved to get a shot of the man doing it (it was amazing) but the crowd surrounding him was amazing as well.

Seoul Food 12

On the final day, something I ate at the airport before a 6 hour journey back home. A korean fusion dish of pork and chili.

That’s all for the Korean side of the trip and the end of my summer vacation. Its now back to blogging about my baking adventures in Melbourne again! XD