YES! I’ve finally done all my remaining assignments before the 2 week holiday break! Will be doing lots of baking and attending outings with friends~ Yay.

I’ve had planned to make Ichigo Daifuku (イチゴ大福) for awhile after obtaining this Japanese game (かんたん!たのしい!お菓子ナビDS) that teaches you how to make Japanese desserts. I’ll probably do a short review on the game soon after getting some screen shots, its basically something similar to ‘Cooking Guide: Can’t decide what to eat?‘. So after recently buying a container of strawberries from Victoria Market, I decided to make Ichigo Daifuku after my last Mid Semester Test on Wednesday.


Plain Daifuku filled with red bean paste~

Buying the ingredients had proven difficult with the lack of mochiko, the star ingredient in the sticky buns usually made out of grounded glutinous rice, I just substituted it with just plain glutinous flour. I don’t know how different it is compared to using mochiko but the daifuku were sure sticky to handle. If anyone knows where to get mochiko in Melbourne, give me a shout!


Fresh oddly shaped strawberries, preparing to be smoothered in red bean paste.


I was surprised at the simplicity of the recipe which was basically mixing the glutinous rice flour with water and microwaving the mixture for the correct amount of time in a microwave. Some pounding/mixing with a wet pestal (or a wooden spoon if a pestal was not available) was needed and the sticky mixture ploped onto a tray dusted with a little corn flour. The dough was then cut up and stretched to cover the strawberry/red bean filling.

A sticky situation one would call it, for cleaning up and washing hands were the most difficult parts of the recipe. Soaking the utensils in some water for awhile mainly does the trick, making it easier to clean the stuff off. My hand were not so lucky, having to scrub the stuck bits out with a sponge scourer. I wasn’t going to soak my hand in water for 15 minutes!


The results were smooth and chewy pieces of dumplings filled with sweet enough red bean paste and bursting with strawberry goodness. I also decided to make a batch with just plain ol’ red bean paste which were just as delightful. =D


I really couldn’t get anything better than this photo of the inside of the daifuku, it was hard cutting though the dumpling without destroying/mushing up most of the contents inside. Some of the strawberries were too oddly shaped as well so I had to cut it off tops or into halves. It was good anyway cause I get to make more~


One last one, Ichigo Daifuku!

Ichigo Daifuku (adapted from かんたん!たのしい!お菓子ナビDS)
Makes 6, but can make more depending on how you want

  • 100g mochiko/glutinous rice flour
  • 110ml water
  • 2 tbsp of sugar
  • 100g smooth red bean paste (koshian) *
  • 6 strawberries *
  • Potato Starch or Cornflour for dusting
  1. Remove the stems off the strawberries and cut off the top (see the second image).
  2. Roll the Red Bean Paste into small round balls and press the prepared strawberries onto them.
  3. In a microwave safe bowl, mix the mochiko, sugar and water together until it forms a smooth white paste.
  4. Cover the bowl loosely with cling wrap and heat the bowl in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds.**
  5. Using a wet pestal (or wooden spoon), pound or mix the dough around for a bit. Then re-cover the bowl and put microwave it again for another 30 seconds. **
  6. Lightly dust a tray with the potato starch/cornflour and pour the sticky dough onto it, dust the top of the dough lightly with starch/flour and let it cool for awhile before cutting the dough into 6 pieces.
  7. Take 1 piece of dough and stretch it enough to cover the filling. Pinch the ends together. (It helps to dust your hands with the potato starch beforehand).
  8. Repeat for the remaining pieces of dough.
  9. Enjoy!

I’ve mainly translated the recipe from Japanese and this is the best explanation I can give. I’ll probably do another round to test out the recipe again and make any changes.

* I find the dough too much and thick for the 6 filling bits, so the best way would be to use more strawberries and red bean paste if you don’t like your skin too thick.

** Mine was a 800W microwave and thus the shorter time. The best way to test it is to pinch the dough and if it feels like your earlobe, its done.