Its been awhile since I’ve baked, have been enjoying my so called ‘two week’ holiday studying lots of Biochemistry and Pharmacology while doing a bit of mucking about. Not only that, the battery charger which I use to charge my camera batteries just gave out one day. And I liked that charger. So here is a backlog of some photos I took earlier in the year, full of random shots~


Mooncakes~ Celebrating this year’s Mid Autumn Festival

A funny way the charger died out, it was happily charging up some batteries while I was doing some revision when I heard a loud ‘Pop’! At first I thought it was from the construction work being conducted outside my apartment and looked out the balcony when I smelt something funny, and I also thought that the smell was from outside and closed the balcony door but to my surprise found out that the smell came from the inside of the apartment.


Simple Fried Salmon for dinner

My nose eventually took me to the charger which had its charger light switched off and felt really hot. The smell was so much of burnt plastic that I realised that the charger was finally busted. I told my brother about it and he told me: “You always seem to destroy anything you touch don’t you, with your hands of destruction?”


Vanilla and Banana Ice cream from the Arts Market near the Yarra River

Tell me, if I had hands of destruction, how on earth can I bake anything if I wasted baking paper, dented my cake pans and destroyed my hand-beater, well, I did kind of destroy the previous beater extensions but THAT’S not the point! The prongs came out by themselves! Not my fault =A=!

Crabapple Choc Cupcake 1

A Crabapple Bakery Cupcake, recently heard about mould cupcakes and bad hygiene practices at the Prahran Market Outlet. Not too sure what happened though.

So for now I can’t take photos of anything until I get a new charger, cause my camera drains too much battery power and it would be a waste to continue getting new batteries. Either that, its time for my 6 year old camera to retire. =/