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Bernie makes Mango Sorbet!

I finally got to do something with my heavily discounted Snowy ice-cream maker in Melbourne before I left for S’pore!

Mango Sorbet 02

With mangoes in season, you can either sit and eat 2 to 3 of those sunshine yellow fruits, or get a better deal with a cold mangoey sorbet? Easy to make and even easier to clean it up. It didn’t last long though due to the warm weather and the mango loving family~ Don’ worry though, I have another ice-cream maker here in S’pore so its all good!

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Bernie makes Butter Cake!

So, my exams have come and gone, so what’s a girl to do with holidays in her mind right now??

Bake(!!), make ice-cream, watch game-plays of survivor horror games on Youtube and go out on merry outings with her friends!

Buttercake 03

With my dad visiting us for a week, I decided to look for a good butter cake recipe (also called yellow cake I believe) without 10 eggs and heap loads of butter and sugar. I finally found one through tastespotting that only consisted of 2 eggs with much less butter and sugar.

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