Pine Gardens' 01

After so many years visiting Ang Mo Kio (on my way to Primary School, eating there on weekends or shopping for shampoo at Red Tomato). I’ve finally gotten a slice, or a few slices of the famed Pine Gardens’ cakes on my last trip back to Singapore. Featured in the Straits Times a few times, they are namely famous for their Black Forest cakes.

Pine Gardens' 05

So I bought 3 slices, a Bailey’s Crunch, a Black Forest and a Lychee Matini and I have to say that ALL of them were good, or that I have a really sweet tooth. The cakes were reasonably priced as well, costing roughly $2 – $3 sin dollars especially when its good cakes at HDB (Housing Development Board) prices.

Pine Gardens' 04

The Baileys Crunch as its name states, is full of crunchy chocolate coated rice bubble(?) balls in between layers of cream and sponge. You can slightly taste a hint of Baileys, soaked up by the soft sponge cake layers. A blend of soft and bits of crunch, full of Baileys cream, a wonderful cake indeed (though I still don’t know what that orange thing on top of the cake is)

Pine Gardens' 03

Black Forest was next, being their signature cake, I was looking forward to trying it even though I didn’t particularly love eating any sort of preserved fruit in cakes. I was glad that there were no soured cherries in that slice of cake (bad experience with soured cherries). The taste of cocoa in the chocolate sponge layers and the sweetness level was just right along with the amount of cream and maraschino cherries. It really lives up to its name.

Pine Gardens' 02

There is one thing I’m gonna say about the Lychee Martini… I LOVE IT! Topped with a lychee, this cake is my epitome of indulgence. Layers of lychee cream inbetween layers of soft sponge. Its so good that its hard to describe how it tastes like! With this description: A Lychee Mitini is made with [Lychee] liqueur , vodka and sometimes a dash of lime juice. I guess this how the cake tastes like. If there is one cake I would buy again at Pines, it would have to be this cake. LOVE IT!

I would love to try some of the other cakes made in Pine Gardens’, such as their German Chocolate cake and their versions of local desserts turned cakes. I would have to wait a while before I can get to eat them again, but it is something nice to look forward to! =)

Pine Gardens’
Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

Tel: 6457 6159

For a map, please go here.