Hello all! If anyone was wondering, after my last exam, I flew back to Singapore for a short break and as such have not been able to bake for the majority of July, I took lots of food photos though! The only thing was that I had really limited internet access (which came in a form of a thumb drive modem), so I didn’t have a chance to post my photos until now! =/

This post is also a photo backlog of all the food I’ve tried while I was back in Singapore from Dec to Feb this year. Is it a food journey? I don’t think so, but I definitely had eating sprees. This is not a detailed food review/tasting blog so don’t expect much except food pr0n, but I’ll try to provide addresses if anyone wants to know where these places are.


Liang Seah Street in the evening and on to the stuff from December 2008!!!

19 Dec 01

Duck Rice at Kovan Food Center! Long queues during lunch time!


O cha cha at Raffles City~


Matcha Pannacotta!


Matcha Cheesecake with a Red Bean layer.

19 Dec 10

Hock Lam Street Beef Noodles.

19 Dec 12

Not enough stuff! )=

19 Dec 13

Ji De Chi, a dessert shop, specialising in Taiwanese style dessert!

19 Dec 15

Ginger dumplings with lots of peanut topping!


Next stop People’s Park Centre at Chinatown, Yong Tau Foo with no name and a long queue.


This is a red fermented beancurd stew with pig and chicken innards.


Mei Heong Yuen Dessert at Temple Street I believe.


Sago with Mango and Pomelo~ ❤


Green Tea shaved ice with red beans! Lovely on a hot day!


Clarke Quay!


The Central along the river~


A small French Bakery Petit Provence


Small chocolate roll


Small vanilla roll, both were lovely, although they were small!


Dinner at Tampopo, it means dandelion in Japanese but the picture probably told you that.


Can’t remember which ramen this was.


But it was spicy and nice, though it could have a bit more stuff in it!


Kuro Buta (Black Pig) Tonkatsu


Just a photo showing how it looks, though I must say it was juicy and lovely!

6-Jan-09 Golden Mile 02

Thai Food at Golden Mile Food Complex

6-Jan-09 Golden Mile 03

Tom Yum Soup which really packs a punch!

6-Jan-09 Golden Mile 05

Across the road is Golden Mile Food Centre where uniform groups usually get their supplies. I don’t remember the flavour but it was creamy and lovely! The ice cream certainly cooled down burning throats!

6-Jan-09 Golden Mile 06

Belgium Waffles from the same stall.

6-Jan-09 Golden Mile 07

Apparently it has 3 pairs of chopsticks from Makan Sutra! They were chewy and lovely homemade dumplings~~

I just realised I’m really a hawker center girl at heart! =D

Continued in Part 2!