REALLY LONG OVERDUE! And its getting hot here in Melbourne!! D8 34 today?! /melts

Finally! My university course is finally over after a very hectic semester two (still have exams though!!)! Doing the final year project among other subjects (yes, I’m looking at you Residential development! D<) has really made me face my laptop/lab computers screens most of my time. Even though it has been 2 weeks since my last class (EVER!), due to assignment extensions which I’m really grateful for, I’m ashamed that I haven’t been able to update this poor blog for the past 3! months.

Anyway, planing to bake a few things like Chocolate Crinkles, a self saucing chocolate pudding among other things. =) May also re-bake some of my older stuff and retake photos, which always make a good post anyway.

So here’s a long over over due post which was supposed to be posted in July but never got around doing it till now….

The Singapore Flyer

Would really love to go up there one day!

Yong Tau Foo

First up, Chinatown. This is easily my favourite yong tau foo! The ikan bilis soup is great, the fish paste used to fill the beancurd puffs and tofu soft and smooth, and all cooked to the bite. The chilli sauce provided gives such a good kick in the morning. I would do a one off review post on Xiu Ji’s Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu with better pictures when I have the chance to go eat there again. Just a warning that it will be biased! =P

Onde Onde

Onde Onde

Onde Onde from Maxwell Market. Very soft that its not mushy yet firm. The gula melaka filling inside is not hard or solid but warm and liquidy. When you bite into one, the gula melaka just bursts out, filling your mouth with sweetness, combining with the slight chewiness from the kueh gives such a lovely feeling. My mom tells me that if onde onde doesn’t do that, its not very good onde onde.

Tian Tian Chicken Rice

Tian Tian Chicken Rice, apparently the best of the best in Singapore! Frankly, after eating much chicken rice from everywhere else, I find every chicken rice good, or that I don’t really have a refined palette.

Indian Rojak

Indian Rojak, a platter of fried titbits such as tau kua, mou hiang (bean curd skin/tau kee filled with meat), potatoes and prawn cakes with sweet and spicy sauce. This place is near the Singapore Art’s Museum, along one of the back roads if you plan to go to bugis junction. There is also a good chicken rice stall just next to it so probably Singaporean foodies would know where that it? =/

Crayfish Horfun

Crayfish Horfun

Crayfish Horfun (rice noodles), fried noodles with one crayfish and prawns, queue was crazy and sold out fast! Really fast. I found the sauce quite tasteless, though the prawns and crayfish was really good, shared with my brother and mom just to try it out.

Grass Jelly

Grass Jelly

Grass Jelly/qin cao, a jelly desert, is usually added into soya milk (if you want it) and desserts like ica kachang and chendol. Not too sure about its medicinal effects but it is a cooling jelly, good for people who are often heaty (ie, having pimples/acne). We had this with a sugar syrup that was provided and the jelly was just set enough to not be too solid yet chewy.

This was bought at Ubi, along a row of shop houses that sold roast duck, roast pig and other nonya desserts. Bought a few other things from there too, they’ll be mentioned below.

Onde Onde

Bought these from a durian based dessert shop in the same area. Going from the left, we have the normal onde onde in orange, the yam in purple and the durian in green (or was it the other way round? I don’t remember!). So-so only, the normal one wasn’t as good as the ones from Maxwell Market and there was nothing to crow about for the other two.

Durian Swissroll

Durian Swiss Roll

From the same shop, this durian roll on the other hand was heavenly! Soft sponge cake with a lovely durian filling (*gasp no cream!) I wish my swiss rolls were this soft and spongy, and not turn hard and crunchy after a night!



Also from the same shop, Portuguese eggtarts! I love eggtarts, would always eat some whenever we have dim sum! The custard was just nice, and the burnt bits added a slight bitter contrast to the sweetness. For me though, nothing beats the Tai Chong Kok eggtarts, but I can never get shots of them on pretty plates as they always get devoured on the way home after buying some. =/



Guess what! 8D

In reality, its really small

One whole seed

Its a durian, and a small one too! The yellow bumps are the flesh of the fruit. Usually they have different segments but since this durian is small, there is only one seed per round of flesh. Dad usually gets any durians that are cheap and smell good, doesn’t matter which species. I hear people go crazy over D24s and Hong Mao Shans (红猫山) though.

Lovely durian pulp

Bought a few durians so I kept some of the flesh to use as a filling for my cream puffs, Mom also wanted to use some to top her glutinous rice desert. She had some at a Thai restaurant and it was quite good and with that durian flesh we got, her’s was just as good, if we make it again, I’ll post some pictures on it~

And that’s the end of my July Food post! Will probably post something new next week and get back into the hang of taking photos again!