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Bernie makes Chocolate Crinkles

Finally! I’ve officially finished the last of my university assignments forever, though my graduation won’t take place till March 2010!! But I’m excited about looking forward to my working life, and the best part is not worrying about studying for exams (but I’ve been mulling over my last ever exams coming in the next two week!! /gasp)!

Edit: I’ve decided to revert back to my old name as it was tedious to let my friends know that I’ve changed my blog. Apologies to EVERYONE who have been changing their bookmarks and links (seriously ;A;)!!!!

Crinkle 001

Anyway to celebrate all of that, I made Chocolate Crinkles.

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Bernie makes Totally Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Nigella's ccc 2

I’ve finally completed my 3000 word essay on Emotional Intelligence last Thursday and decided to make chocolate chip cookies as a reward. I found this recipe watching a youtube video featuring Nigella Lawson making these chocolate chip morsels, stuffed with 500 grams (2 packets) of chocolate chips. Re-watching the video and writing down the recipe, I baked them one night later.

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Bernie makes Matcha Cookies!

If anyone really worshipped matcha, it wouldn’t be me, though I do love using it when making matcha cupcakes. I would also like having freshly made shortbread with equally freshly brewed green tea, and although I haven’t done it, the thought of it sounds pleasant.

Matcha Cookies3

Anyway, I happened to come across a post in bakebakebake on Livejournal about matcha cookies last year, and so many people raved about it. I replied to that post mentioning about baking some soon, but that ‘soon’ turned into about 5 months later. Finally decided to make them as there was not much matcha left in the pantry to make another round of matcha cupcakes.

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Bernie makes Shortbread!

Shortbread FTW! Crumbly buttery shortbread… I like~

Edit: My mom called this morning and my dad shouted through the phone that he loved it! SUCCESS XD

Shortbread 1

Walker’s Shortbread and Arnotts’ Glengarry Shortbread where the brands my family got our usual stash of shortbread from when I was younger. Soft and buttery, my dad used to tell me to try my hand at making them. Which I did, but they turned out so crunchy and hard that I didn’t try making them again (And the recipe chucked into some dusty old corner). Not until a few days ago, while browsing through Tastespotting, stumbled upon (as the summary read) “The only shortbread recipe you’ll ever need …” and from there found my way to Geggie’s Grampa’s Shortbread.

Shortbread 2

So the secret is not in the rice flour, but in the cornflour! And I use it often in my cooking, thickening stuff for my otherwise watery combination of random stir-fry sauces for chicken. I was quite excited with the finding, so with ingredients in hand, I decided to make them and let my mom bring some home for my dad.

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