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Bernie 2009’s Short Summer Vacation Part 2

REALLY LONG OVERDUE! And its getting hot here in Melbourne!! D8 34 today?! /melts

Finally! My university course is finally over after a very hectic semester two (still have exams though!!)! Doing the final year project among other subjects (yes, I’m looking at you Residential development! D<) has really made me face my laptop/lab computers screens most of my time. Even though it has been 2 weeks since my last class (EVER!), due to assignment extensions which I’m really grateful for, I’m ashamed that I haven’t been able to update this poor blog for the past 3! months.

Anyway, planing to bake a few things like Chocolate Crinkles, a self saucing chocolate pudding among other things. =) May also re-bake some of my older stuff and retake photos, which always make a good post anyway.

So here’s a long over over due post which was supposed to be posted in July but never got around doing it till now….

The Singapore Flyer

Would really love to go up there one day!

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Time to grind my mind!

Did you guys know that I absolutely hate Mid Semester tests which start tomorrow?




Yep, now you know…

I have this list of things to bake, its just that revising for these tests are making me stick to my trusty recipes for baked goods for a while. I also have my brother’s birthday coming up, and he calls for chocolate cake! YES! Another chocolate based recipe unless I can take better mochi photos before posting the birthday boy’s cake! OTL

PS. For people wondering what OTL means, taken from Wikipedia: “In text language, OTL represents a stick figure on its hands and knees. This represents disappointment or shock.”

Hopefully I won’t use it often.

Not dead but not free yet!

Hello all! I know I’ve disappeared from this blog for the past three weeks, mainly due to being busy with assignments and presentations. =A= I also had my birthday (yes, another May baby) so I was busy for last weekend as well =P. So apologies for that~

I’m almost done with my assignments of the semester (which are all due this coming week as well OTL) and will be back to baking a few things before the exam period.


Look forward to a delightful cheesecake recipe this coming week which I highly recommend making, its easy to make and has not failed once! XD

(Please forgive me for all the emoticon abuse)