Bernie makes Pancakes!

I’m ALIVE, celebrated Easter, having a week of holidays from Uni AND not having a holiday at all! It was more like ‘its time to clean up the house’, ‘time to go to Vic Mart!’ and ‘time to catch up on your work’ holiday! Furthermore I have a Genomics test on the first Tuesday back! Oh noes!

Pancakes 2-1

Anyway, I’ve been able to make/bake a thing or two during the Uni term and during the holidays so look out for them! Its not much but I’m trying~ I’ve also decided to become more proactive in my baking blog and post at least 2 entries per month (Hopefully!). So the first post for this month is pancakes~

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Bernie eats Pine Gardens’ cakes!

Pine Gardens' 01

After so many years visiting Ang Mo Kio (on my way to Primary School, eating there on weekends or shopping for shampoo at Red Tomato). I’ve finally gotten a slice, or a few slices of the famed Pine Gardens’ cakes on my last trip back to Singapore. Featured in the Straits Times a few times, they are namely famous for their Black Forest cakes.

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Bernie makes Pineapple Tarts!

Update: I posted the aluminium presser picture in the Kuih Lapis post. Nothing big really!

So this is the continuation of the CNY post from… 2 weeks ago? Pineapple tarts with rather sour store bought pineapple jam. I’ve made open faced crispy pineapple tarts before (and eaten tons while visiting people) but the covered ones made with a soft crumbly pastry is best.

Pineapple Tarts 01

I made two batches using two different recipes, one from a newspaper cut-out from the Straits Times (Singapore) and the other from a post by Fresh from the Oven. The newspaper cut version in my opinion was too soft, and they kept crumbling and sticking to my fingers each time I needed to transfer them to containers.

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Bernie makes Kuih Lapis!

Kuih Lapis, a small asian cake cooked layer upon layer until golden brown is a favourite among my family members during Chinese New Year. Since I wasn’t around for last year’s celebrations, I went on a baking spree this year to make up for my absence, and Kuih Lapis was on the list~

Kuih Lapis 01

I’ve seen my mother make Kuih Lapis before, but it was a long long time ago. She didn’t like the tediousness of the cake as she had to prepare other dishes as well and that cake took up a lot of her time. Since I ‘had’ the free time (or whatever time I had after cleaning the house before CNY), I decided to give it a go, and the recipe didn’t look too daunting either~

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Bernie celebrates Chinese New Year 2009!

祝大家 新年快乐, 万事如意~

Wishing everyone a Prosperous Lunar New Year 2009

Yep, its me again! Haven’t been able to come online for the past few weeks (which is the whole of January) to blog and now Chinese New Year is here! I’ve just been cleaning up the whole house from top to toe and doing a lot of cooking/baking as well, getting ready for the big day. The house looks sparkling clean and there’s lots to eat!

Lunar New  Year 01
Gua Ji, Chocolates, Sweets and my Kueh Lapis and Pineapple Tarts!

On Chinese New Year Eve, I had a wonderful reunion dinner with my family and relatives! Didn’t take photos cause I was too tired to take any after helping out the whole day, which was sad cause there was so much good food on the table. And of course visiting relatives on the first day!

Lunar New  Year 02
Abalone for Hee Peow Soup (Fish Maw Soup)

I did the usual baking, this year making the pineapple tarts, trying out Kueh Lapis (Layer Cake) and a new recipe for butter cake (richer and eggier?). Recipes will be posted as soon as possible! You don’t have to wait till CNY to make them, cause they are good all year round!

Once again, wishing all a very Happy Lunar New Year! Signing out!

Bernie makes Mango Sorbet!

I finally got to do something with my heavily discounted Snowy ice-cream maker in Melbourne before I left for S’pore!

Mango Sorbet 02

With mangoes in season, you can either sit and eat 2 to 3 of those sunshine yellow fruits, or get a better deal with a cold mangoey sorbet? Easy to make and even easier to clean it up. It didn’t last long though due to the warm weather and the mango loving family~ Don’ worry though, I have another ice-cream maker here in S’pore so its all good!

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Bernie makes Butter Cake!

So, my exams have come and gone, so what’s a girl to do with holidays in her mind right now??

Bake(!!), make ice-cream, watch game-plays of survivor horror games on Youtube and go out on merry outings with her friends!

Buttercake 03

With my dad visiting us for a week, I decided to look for a good butter cake recipe (also called yellow cake I believe) without 10 eggs and heap loads of butter and sugar. I finally found one through tastespotting that only consisted of 2 eggs with much less butter and sugar.

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